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What to expect

Allow plenty of time to arrive and recieve your WATSU and absorb some serious relaxation.  

So often folks get a massage, then immediately jump back into the rush of life.  My intent is for you to incorporate the WATSU session into your cellular memory, so plan on hanging out after the session. Hike our trail, watch the birds, relax in the hammock, or walk the path down to the lake--where you might see "our" eagles.


The session will last about an hour.  Make sure you are well hydrated, and have taken it easy on food and caffeine.  Please shower "from stem to stern" before arriving.  It is critical to maintain the pristine quality of our pool water.  Try to be free of all lotions, perfumes, conditioners and make-up.  (You'll get ample time after the treatment to shower--a full private bath and hairdryer will be available for you.)  Our pool is heated to 97 degrees and is a very comfortable place to recieve a massage.  I will provide you with earplugs and flotation assist devices and make sure you are comfortable when we begin.  If you are new to WATSU, I suggest you take a look at a few of the WATSU videos available on

What to bring

Bathing suit

Flip flops

Water--no glass containers please

walking shoes, binoculars, a book?


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